Yogistar® Basic Yoga Mat

Yogistar® Basic Yoga Mat

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The inexpensive Yogistar® basic: a classic among yoga mats!

Stable, non-slippery surface, lightweight and very durable. ECO-TEX Standard 100. 

The Yogistar® basic – a yoga mat for all!
The yoga mat Yogistar® basic is an ideal and inexpensive model. It has been a classic among yoga mats for many years and is constantly evolving. The structure and durability is ideal for all types of yoga: on both sides there is the same non-slippery surface that holds hands and feet securely, so that all Asanas and exercises can be practiced easily – no matter which Yoga style you prefer. 

Basically, the Yogistar® basic is suitable for any kind of Hatha Yoga Asanas, for dynamic Vinyasa flows, and also for Kundalini Yoga.

The yogamat Yogistar®  basic is a practical tool for your yoga-praxis and excersise. It is offering a solid, anti-slippery surface with great grip. It is light and durable in its material. The yoga mat isolates your body from the floor and can be rolled or folded to support the yoga excersises.

The Yogistar® basic contains no remains of colorants (so called “AZO”-colorants, classified as problematic), and is produced without the use of DNOP (softeners which are non according to the health standard). The softeners used for the Yogistar® basic are instead certified for food requirements which guarantees its skin friendliness. The Yogistar®  basic yoga mats have been tested and approved. They have a neutral pH-value. They are anti-slippery, comfortably soft, easy to clean and washable.

This quality anti-slip yoga mat is the choice of many yoga teachers and yoga students.

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  • Soft, shock absorbent and comfortable.
  • Offers insulation from cold floors.
  • Provides a stable, non-slip surface.
  • Suitable for all styles of yoga
  • Made from high grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free)

Length: 183cm (72”)
Width: 61cm (24”).
Thickness: 4mm (0.15")
Weight: 1.4 kg (49.3oz)

Material: PVC

Storage & Care;
Should be rolled up and kept in a dry place after use.
Clean with our Organic Yoga mat cleaner Blood Orange (#0601)    
or with natural soap and water.
​Hang to dry.