Yoga Studio Meditation Set - Ohm

Yoga Studio Meditation Set - Ohm

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Yoga Studio Meditation Set Ohm -

Meditation cushion OHM is ideal for Zen meditation
It is ideally used for lotus or half-lotus meditation postures and is the most usable size of cushion that will support a variety of different postures
There is a zip which allows you to remove the outer cover to the inner filling cushion to enable the user to add more filling to adjust the loft or the softness, whichever suits the user.
The cushion has a useful carry handle for ease of transport

Outer cushion: 100% cotton, with zipper. 
Inside cushion: 100% cotton, with cord to close.
Filling: Cushion is filled with a premium quality buckwheat hulls, for a most comfortable sit.
Washing instructions;

 Cover can be washed in cold to lukewarm water. Wash with similar colours.

The height of the meditation cushion can be adjusted by removing or adding some buckwheat hulls
Product specifications;
Material: Cotton
Material: Buckwheat
Size: 35x17 cm
Colour : Black
Colour : Red

Weight: 2.3 kg


Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket Burgundy 

Yoga Studio's Organic Yoga Blankets are hand woven by hand loom, In India and made with finest quality rich organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Yoga Blankets are woven in the traditional authentic style. They are Completely Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The Yoga Studio organic blankets can be tightly folded and rolled to provide comfortable support to your postures.

Fantastic for Meditation and relaxation. 

Features ;

  • Organic Natural Cotton.
  • Naturally Coloured
  • Handmade in India with care and love in a Sustainable and Eco-friendly manner.
  • Great for Any type of yoga.
  • Used for any type of "hot-yoga" where there is perspiration involved.
  • Used for Meditation, both as a prop or as a blanket to keep warm.
  • Can be rolled, folded or even stuffed into a bag or suitcase!
  • Good for You, the Earth and the Future!
  • Certificated: GOTS; Manufactured in good factory conditions regularly inspected.
  • Certificated: CUC; 100% Organic

Size: 142 cm x 205 cm
Weight: 1kg

Colour; Burgundy



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