Yoga Mat Deluxe OM Ako Yoga 6mm

Yoga Mat Deluxe OM Ako Yoga 6mm

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The Ako Yoga Deluxe Yoga mats are particularly comfortable, soft and supportive. With their different bi-colour mixes they are very elegant and attractive.
The Deluxe Yoga Mat by Ako Yoga offers the same excellent grip as the standard yoga mats, but with 6 mm, or 33 % extra thickness, it offers more cushioning for extra comfort. Available in elegant, attractive two-tone-colours which are inspired by the elements. The OM Ako Yoga Deluxe Yoga Mat is not painted, so the grip is not affected at all.

The high-quality, tested and certified materials, the wide range of sizes and shapes for every body and every yoga form, and last not least the wonderfully rich colour diversity make each yoga mat an excellent companion for your yoga.

Great for your home studio or to take to class. Used in yoga and Pilates, this is an indispensable accessory for home practice. Great for beginners and advanced yogis alike.


  • Soft, shock absorbent and comfortable.
  • Offers insulation from cold floors.
  • Provides a stable, non-slip surface.
  • Machine washable and tear proof.


Length: 183cm (72”)
Width: 61cm (24”).
Thickness: 6mm (0.2")
Weight: 1.5 kg (52.9oz )
Trusted by Teachers Worldwide

Info & Care -

Any type of yoga sticky mat takes time to offer maximum grip.
After practising yoga on the mat between 4-6 times the mat will give better grip & can also be placed on the ground & walked over (in bare feet) to help with the wearing in process.
Your mat can be wiped clean or it can be machined washed at 40 degrees, using a small amount of soap.
Do not put your mat through the spin cycle or spin dry as this might damage the mat.
Dry flat or hang air dry (Do Not put on a radiator or in a drying machine).
183cm x 61cm x 6mm