Yoga strap Bodhi with metal sliding buckle

Yoga strap Bodhi with metal sliding buckle

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Yoga strap Bodhi with metal sliding buckle 

The bodhi yoga strap Asana is a versatile aid for yoga and Pilates. Thanks to the new metal sliding buckle, the yoga belt is now even easier to use: The length can be easily adjusted by the buckle, and stays in place without slipping while using.

As a yoga aid, the yoga strap can be used, for example, to lengthen the arms when the hands are not touching in the cow face position (Gomukhasana). The yoga strap can also be used to safely practice more demanding yoga postures, enabling beginners to safely try more advanced asanas.


The yoga strap is made of 100% cotton and fits well in the hand, so that it does not slip through your fingers even in the most demanding yoga practice. 

Yoga strap with metal buckle:

  • Useful yoga aid for many asanas
  • Easy to adjust metal sliding buckle
  • Cotton material is comfortable in the hands
  • With good grip
  • Natural material: 100 % cotton

Dimensions: 2.5 m x 38 mm 
The yoga strap can be washed in a washing net at 30° C in the washing machine.