Yoga Organic Bolster Turquoise

Yoga Organic Bolster Turquoise

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Yoga Organic Bolster Turquoise Large

Our Yoga Organic Bolsters have been Hand-Made in the EU using extremely high grade, clean and organic buckwheat hulls. 

Our bolsters are designed specifically for yoga practice as they provide a stable support. The Round Yoga Bolster is used to support the spine, head when used in some yoga postures and meditation.

It is filled with organic buckwheat hulls providing firm support which moulds to your body shape and will not break down over time. 100% cotton, machine washable and zipped inner and outer covers; re-stuffable inner-cover, also has a convenient carry handle.

Using yoga bolster; how and when?

A yoga bolster is literally a support in your back during yoga poses. In addition, the bolster is often used under the knees and hips. The yoga is often used with exercises that open your chest (chest openers), but also with the savasana (long relaxation position. The bolster provides support and comfort and prevents you from forcing yourself. Also with a bolster, make sure that you no muscles overload, this can lead to annoying injuries.

Finally, you can also use the bolster as a pregnancy pillow. As your stomach gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to find a comfortable lying position. By lying on your side with a yoga bolster under your upper leg, you create a comfortable position for sleeping.


Material: 100% Cotton, zipped, machine washable inner and outer cases.
Filling: 100% High Grade, clean and Organic buckwheat hulls.
Size: 61 x 21 cm
Approx. Weight: 5kg 
Made: Hand-Made in the EU.

Washing instructions: Cover can be washed in cold to lukewarm water. Wash with similar colours.

    Color: Turquoise



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