Yoga Mat ''Pro Art Collection'' Chakra White/Red

Yoga Mat ''Pro Art Collection'' Chakra White/Red

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Yoga Mat ''Pro Art Collection'' Chakra White/Red 6mm

Extremely skid-proof and eco-friendly yoga mat pro art collection for exceptionally high requirements.

This yoga mat comprises of quite recently developed and patented TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) foam, a material that is advantageous in all aspects. It is eco-friendly and slip-resistant at the same time, hygienic and hypo-allergenic.

Slip-resistant with maximum grip
There must be some kind of catch? Wrong!  Yogimat 'Pro collection' is also way ahead when it comes to having a firm grip! The specially designed cellular structure provides for an extremely reliable skid resistance and gives you stability in all asanas.

The "Look" is also perfect
You need not lower your sights when it comes to appearance: With great colours and its remarkable surface finish, yogimat 'Pro' is a real eye-catcher.  Environmentally friendly AND good-looking! Another plus point: Yogimat 'Pro art collection' is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Extra hygiene
Quite practical: Yogimat 'Pro art collection' is easy to clean and maintain as its thick cellular structure prevents absorption of sweat or other liquids.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers
The material of yogimat 'Pro art collection' is hypo-allergenic. The mat contains neither polyvinyl chloride, nor latex or caoutchouc and other such substances. Hence, it is best suited for people suffering from allergies.

Material; TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 6 mm.

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