Soywax Melts Jar - Midnight Jasmine

Soywax Melts Jar - Midnight Jasmine

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This Midnight Jasmine Soywax Melts have an oriental and spicy scent that is perfect for romantic situations. These can be used in many various situations. It will leave any room smelling amazing that it is being used in.

These Wax Melts Hearts contain no paraffin wax, so your room will smell of quality fragrance and not the smell of oil.

In every jar you will find 16 heart shaped wax melts, just pair them with Oil Burners and Tealights and enjoy the lovely fragrance that is produced.

Just add one or two heart melts to an oil burner to make your home smell wonderful.


Per jar: Hight: 8cm , Diameter: 7cm Weight 250g

Per wax melt: 1x2.5cm ( 16 pieces - 80g )

Material: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Glass Jar

Burning Time: 10 hours

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