Red Cotton Yoga strap with wrapped D- ring

Red Cotton Yoga strap with wrapped D- ring

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Red Cotton Yoga strap with wrapped D- ring 

This 100% cotton D-ring Yoga Strap is an essential yoga prop for any home or studio practice.
Straps improve alignment and flexibility!

With this handy yoga belt you train your body to learn new postures and hold them for as long as you want.
Use the belt for all yoga styles and challenge yourself to the next level! Suitable for both beginners and advanced. The closure of this yoga belt works with a D-ring that you can easily adjust. Tie the belt as tight as you want and enjoy the strong cotton material. The belt is extra wide at 4 cm.

With this green yoga belt you choose security. 

This very practical yoga belt will allow you to perfect your asanas step by step and at your own pace, reducing the risk of injury.

Material; 100% Cotton
Size cm; 270x4
Colour; Red



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