Meditation Set ''Chakra 7''Sahasrara

Meditation Set ''Chakra 7''Sahasrara

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Meditation Set ''Chakra 7'' Sahasrara


Meditation Mat ''Chakra 7'' Sahasrara

The extra thickness of this Meditation Flat Mat provides excellent comfort and support, cushioning the knees and ankles during even lengthy meditation.

In the Japanese Zen tradition a zabuton (flat mat) and meditation cushion or wooden meditation stool define a meditation space wherever they are laid out.

Product specifications;

Material; 100% Cotton

Foam stuffing

Size; 65x65x5 cm

Colour : Violet


Meditation Cushion ''Chakra 7'' Sahasrara

is ideal for Zen meditation
It is ideally used for lotus or half-lotus meditation postures and is the most usable size of cushion that will support a variety of different postures

Outer cushion: 100% cotton, with zipper. 
Inside cushion: 100% cotton, with cord to close.
Filling: Cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls, for a most comfortable sit.

With embroidered chakra symbol on the handle.
Material outer cushion: cotton with embroidery.
Material inside cushion: cotton, refillable.
Filling: buckwheat hulls.
Product information;
All Chakra cushions are filled with the finest quality of buckwheat hulls. They are sieved so no irregularities occur.
Refillable: The height of the meditation cushion can be adjusted by removing or adding some buckwheat hulls.

Washing instructions: Cover can be washed in cold to lukewarm water. Wash with similar colours.
Product specifications;
Size: 35x17 cm
Material: Buckwheat
Material: 100% Cotton

Colour : Violet