Meditation Bench & Cushion ''Seiza'' Set - Golden Lotus

Meditation Bench & Cushion ''Seiza'' Set - Golden Lotus

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Meditation bench & Meditation bench cushion red with golden lotus;

Our kneeling meditation “seiza” bench sets are designed and crafted to provide outstanding support for those who prefer the traditional Zen kneeling meditation posture or those who have difficulty sitting cross-legged on a standard meditation cushion. The seiza bench is also ideal for long sits and retreats to alternate usage with a traditional zafu meditation cushion.

Eco-design -

100% red oak for a sleek design that can be easily recycled.

Product information -
Asana: a stable and comfortable pose. The bench helps raise your hips so the knees can touch the ground and keep the spine comfortably lifted.

Size & Weight -

Our bench is 48 cm long, 17 cm wide and 20 cm tall. It weighs 2 kg.

Meditation bench cushion red with golden lotus -

Material: top side polyester, bottom side Terry cotton (= mix cotton and polyester).
Filled with 3 cm of foam rubber, lotus pattern golden on red, with velcro fixing. 

The meditation cushion  has two Velcro straps under the bench prevents slipping.

Size; 48x17x3 cm

From a kneeling position, unfold the legs and slip it behind your legs (the seat is on a slight incline for a more comfortable position). The bodyweight is fully supported by the bench instead of your knees or ankles, which can be painful.



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