Incense burner and storage box ''Tree of Life''

Incense burner and storage box ''Tree of Life''

SKU: 0348

Incense burner and storage box Tree of Life ;

Graceful, engraved tree or life decoration. Suitable for incense sticks and two incense cones. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol used in a huge number of spiritual and mythological traditions around the world. Known in various cultures as the Cosmic Tree, the World Tree, the Holy Tree and the Tree of Life, it is a symbol of wisdom, protection, power, abundance, beauty, and salvation. The tree of life is also, of course, a symbol of life itself. With his roots in the earth he has contact with the underworld. With his branches he reaches to heaven. He is a mediator between gods and humans. The three most important systems of trees: roots, trunk and branches are parallel to the human development of body, psyche and spirit. It is a powerful symbol of growth. The tree also symbolises eternal life and immortality.

Product specifications;
Size; 31x5.5x6 cm
Material; Wood



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