Incense 7 Chakra - 7 packs

Incense 7 Chakra - 7 packs

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Incense set for all 7 chakras, consisting of seven packs, one for each chakra. 35 Sticks

1. Root chakra: spicy amber
2. Sacral chakra: sandalwood
3. Solar Plexus chakra: Vanilla
4. Heart chakra: Rose
5. Throat chakra: lavender mixture
6. Forehead chakra: amber
7. Crown chakra: white sage

An aromatic blend of specially selected  fragrance suitable for meditation & yoga. It creates a refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy the fragrance and achieve Bliss!

Additional information -
STIMULATE -                                                                                                Designed to open and stimulate the body's energetic centers called “chakras,” and help strengthen their related qualities within you.                                                                                                          MEDITATION -                                                                                   

7 Chakra Incense is perfect for people who meditate, practice yoga or who simply wish to use aromatherapy to fill their environment with natural aromas.                                                                 7 CHAKRAS BENEFITS -                                                             Freshens up the mind and body, relieves stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, eliminates negative energy.            INCENSE MAIN PURPOSE -                                                                              Create wholeness within yourself, by bring the various aspects of your consciousness from the physical to the spiritual into a harmonious relationship.HELPFUL: Creating a calm environment to meditate, and also to stimulate Kundalini energy, which helps to access a higher consciousness.

Product specifications -

Total weight of incense: 42g
Stick length: Approximately 20 cms
Burn time per stick: About 35-40 minutes per stick
Country of origin: India

Free of toxic ingredients.