Yoga Bolster round organic cotton

Yoga Bolster round organic cotton

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Yoga Bolster round organic cotton with inner and outer cover of cotton, filled with natural buckwheat chaff.
A yoga bolster is a densely-packed pillow, used to support the back, legs, neck, chest, and hamstrings while doing specific yoga positions. 
Designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions, our yoga bolsters firmly support your body for total relaxation and deeper effectiveness. Our yoga bolster covers are made of pure 100% cotton fabric, which are now available in 5 delightful colours.
Of course, you may take some of the filling out, in order to make the support less high, for example: in support of the lower back.
With zipper and inside cushion, which holds 3.75 kgs of buckwheat chaff.
Machine washable.
With extra cotton inner cushion, of unbleached cotton with mouth.
Product specifications;
Size cm: 61 x 16.5
Material: Cotton
Filling: 100% High Grade, clean and Organic buckwheat hulls
Total weight gr.: 3050

Made: Hand-Made in the EU.

Outer cushion: 100% cotton, with zipper. 
Inside cushion: 100% cotton, with cord to close.