Bee Happy Yogi Tea organic

Bee Happy Yogi Tea organic

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Bee Happy Yogi Tea organic

Limited edition with a commitment to endangered wild bees
Ayurvedic organic herbal tea blend with Chamomile, Lavender and Mint

Be good. Do good. Bee Happy.
A new, delicious Yogi Tea recipe with bee-friendly ingredients

Mindfulness starts small and often does big things. Did you know that wild bees play a decisive role in pollination and thus to the survival of many plants? As a manufacturer of organic teas, YOGI TEA® is committed to an intact nature. With the delicious Bee Happy Yogi Tea, we specifically support the wild bees to which we owe so much, and yet which are so threatened.

The basis of Yogi Tea Bee Happy is formed by organic plants that are particularly popular with wild bees as a food source and have found their way into this floral blend after flowering. In addition, selected growers are provided with nesting aids and the German Wildlife Foundation is supported in its work for wild bees.

Let Yogi Tea Bee Happy inspire you to bring your garden or balcony even closer to nature – and give these little animals the attention they have long deserved.

Peppermint* (30%), apple*, chamomile flowers* (14%), licorice*, white hibiscus*, rosemary*, sage*, lavender flowers* (2.5%), thyme*, yarrow*, oregano*.
* from controlled organic cultivation

100% Organic

Cafeine free
Contents: 17 tea bags, each 1.9 g (32.3 g)

Best before; 31/10/2023




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